Suffolk’s marvellous archive treasures were in desperate need of a new home. So, underpinned by £11m of National Lottery Heritage Funding, Suffolk County Council and University of Suffolk have partnered to create a new building near Ipswich’s Waterfront – the ‘Hold’.

The Hold is becoming a fabulous memory box with state of art storage for future generations in addition to a 200-seat lecture theatre, exhibition spaces, study area and a coffee shop. 
SAF believe that this building should be an educational and cultural epicentre of excellence providing a platform for telling the stories of Suffolk, helping to make Ipswich a national destination and to put Suffolk people back in touch with their history and heritage.

As an independent voice, funder and volunteer organisation SAF will work alongside SCC and UoS to help realise the ambition of the building, its operation and outreach across Suffolk. Specifically, SAF will help to:

Develop wider ownership from Suffolk’s people whilst helping to fashion an interior that inspires, impresses and engages visitors and exhibitors.
Build interest and passion amongst a new and younger audience and support the delivery of stories through video and social network platforms.
Harness the creative energy of Suffolk people to generate excitement, inspire and tell new stories both in the Hold and throughout Suffolk.
Link exhibitions and storytelling with other Ipswich cultural, historical and educational endeavours.

SAF will do this by:

  • Engaging Suffolk people in the development of the Hold to widen ownership.
  • Fund raising.
  • Building partnerships with Ipswich’s existing networks, cultural, historical, heritage and education organisations.


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